Conditions of participation


Participant receive exhibition-sale stand (view: Your Stand) equipped with:

- stall and shelves for wines and other products,
- sign-board with a company logo,
- graphic element, characteristic of exhibitors, on a stall,
- store shelves under the stall,
- wine glasses,
- chairs and stools.

Organizer provides also:

- the cooling equipment necessary for the wines or other products as well as the ice.

Every exhibitors can buy more than one stand. It is also possible to choose the location of the stand, application's order deciding.

The stand will stay open during the working hours of the shopping centre.


Stand price for the time of the Festival equals 300 Euro net.

Additional costs for journey, hotels, boarding etc. are at the exhibitor's expense.

The final invoice will be written just after receiving payment.

Forms of payment

Polish exhibitors - money transfer into organizer's account.

Foreign exhibitors:
1/ money transfer into organizer's account,
2/ barter payment by exhibited products.

In case of barter payment festival participant present the price list to the organizer on purpose of choosing products. Participants bear shipment costs of chosen products to the organizer's store, in case of wines, costs of sticking on excise tax strips obliged in Poland.

Attention: Exhibitors stand will be equipped with his products by organizer, participant, in case of barter payment, doesn't have to bring samples of his own products.

Organizer has right to import wine.

All details concerning shipping certain products, its exhibition and sale during festival are fixed individually with every participant.