Your stand


Festivals and fairs have already become a tradition of the best shopping centres. The presented products attract crowds of shoppers and the stands are excellent meeting points for the professionals interested in new products.

New quality

Specially for The Festival of Wines new stands, emphasizing in best possible way the character of presented articles, were projected.

The length of stand is 2,50m and at Your disposal and management will be reserved:

1/ a place for brand name symbol or logo

2/ a comfortable stall with stands for wines and different products

3/ a place for picture of Your vineyard, winery or another kind of characteristic graphic/symbol

Moreover organizers provide: wine glasses, chairs or stools. Under the stall are placed handy shelves.
Every previously mentioned elements are included in the price of the stand.

Exhibitors can order more than one stand.

The Festival takes place on the level -1 Blue City centre. This is the most prestigious and the most gladly visited places in the whole of the centre.