About the Festival

Dynamic Market

Poland is one of the most dynamically growing market of wine sales in Europe. An increase in import approximates 8% every year. During last 3 years the amount of importers doubled and the number of shops rose by 400%. In big cities are being sold nearly 65% of the most expensive wines imported to Poland. The most prosperous market of private customers, HORECA sector, companies and institutions is held just here in the capital of Poland.

Modern formula

Festival of wines is the first event confronting producers and importers with their final consumers. Professional businessmen and thousands of guests of the exclusive shopping centre, doing their weekend shopping, will be able to taste all the presented wines, to order them and to buy them on the spot. The Festival is organized by importers - during which orders for the best evaluated wines would be placed.
The foreign exhibitors may pay for their participation with their products!

Subject of the Festival

The main subject:

- wines of the world.


- other alcohols,

- glasses, utensils for serving wines,

- packaging for alcohol,

- precious oils and vinegars,

- olives and olive products